Brian Murphy

Executive Recruiter in the Southeast

My Top Specialties

Heavy Civil, Heavy Highway Construction

About Brian

I moved out west to Park City, from Charlotte NC in the fall of 2009 to become a ski instructor at Deer Valley Ski Resort, to “reboot” life and my career after the economic downturn of 2008.  Little did I know at the time I would become an entrepreneur in the “Beehive” state of Utah and start two different business within the tourism and hospitality industry. The later of the two is doing very well and has survived the pandemic with flying colors.

As a small business owner, I know all too well the critical role of recruiting, finding, and hiring the right people for the job.  In a world of rapid technology improvements and enhanced Artificial Intelligence, every facet of our lives has changed, however, none of that is possible without investment in the Human Factor. Finding the right people for the job is just like matching the right tool to the job. 


What I love about recruiting:

The “Human Factor”, at Peterson Consulting Group, that is exactly what we are all about. Every day we receive hundreds of resumes, very carefully read and select the “Best in Class” for each category of Civil Construction: Dirt, Underground, Paving and Structures.

We do not use an automated system scanning for key words and have 2 people in small office trying to manage hundreds and thousands of resumes.  As a team of recruiters, we consult with one another every day, we compare notes, job orders, resumes, and help one another find the perfect fit.  We do all of this the old fashion way, using our “Human Factor” to deliver the “Best in Class” candidates that match the job orders, company culture and the career objectives for each candidate.

We are not a clearing house for resumes, we pride ourselves on the amount of effort we put into every job order, we do not look at a job order as a revenue order, we look at is as a challenge to help another company meet their corporate objectives, building America’s infrastructure. That is an honor and privilege we do not take lightly.


  • Born in Bordeaux France.
  • Lived in Europe on 4 separate occasions before the age of 20.
  • My first trip across the Atlantic was aboard an Army cargo ship.
  • Played Collegiate golf on the Varsity team.
  • Consider myself a Southern Gentleman, having lived in VA, NC, SC, GA, and Florida. And, also lived in UT, CO and CA.
  • Favorite sports and hobbies: Golf, Skiing, Travel, Collecting sea Glass and Baseball cards.

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